K.I.D.S. Information


Created by SafetyNET, the Kids Involved with Dads at Schools (KIDS) program is designed to encourage fathers and father figures to get involved with their child’s education by volunteering one or more pre-scheduled days a year at school.  Research shows that the presence and participation of a positive male role model at school inspires children, reduces bullying and improves the educational environment while at the same time adds additional emergency support and security.

When Dads and other father figures join KIDS they get to spend a fun-filled day at school participating in daily activities while playing a very important role for the school.  KIDS volunteers are given important responsibilities and taught valuable skills such as: School Emergency Procedures, Incident Command Roles, basic CPR and First Aid techniques, Security, Threat Assessment, Fire Suppression techniques and Search and Rescue training.

For more information or to implement the KIDS program at your district or school please contact us.